-History of Telepathic Technology, and the Advent of Thought Crime
3. Short List of Historical Researchers and Developers of Electromagnetic Wave Technologies

To start… In the Age of 'Hallu-Wood', it would seem, as if, since, possibly, the advent of radio broadcast, that consciousness exists outside of the limitation of certain aspects of two-dimensional time, and that humans can send information telepathically, via machines; and maybe have been, for over a hundred years.  What does this mean?  Well… It would mean that, sort of like George Orwell’s 1984, there is a global system keeping watch on people’s thoughts.  Sound too horrific to be true?  Let’s test that theory...

There is substantial evidence that, among schizophrenics, a shared phenomenon of experience with suggestive thought, contracted from actors, writers, directors, and producers, via film, television series, commercials, and in some cases, literary media, or other outside influence, indicates that it is not an isolated incident.  Whether this occurrence is actual, is another story…

After doing research, it would seem as only a paranoid myth, and maybe it is.  Yet, let’s ponder the possibility.  Stanley Krippner stated, in an interview, that a leading researcher that he studied with, or worked under, had told him that a symptom of schizophrenia was ‘dreaming in color’.  Now, how outlandish does that sound?  With that kind of statement, and the obvious discovery that it’s not true, what else did, or still does, the psychiatric/psychological community believe is only delusion?  Will it take until we are all telepathically linked, by way of artificial, computer simulated telepathy, for us to see this, as a reality?  And what does that entail?

As we draw closer to the application of this technology being used on a widespread scale, let’s ask ourselves some questions.  But, first, there seems to be a desire for people to fear this technology, for the assumed fact that people will have to fear what thoughts surface in their mind.  Already, certain promoters, or harbingers, are planting seeds of self-doubt, of, not what’s to come, but what we think about.


People already fear the invasion of their mind, as if people know what they think.  These people are determined as having a defect in their perceptions, and lack the cognitive ability to think beyond an idea or delusion of reference.  Apart from feeding into paranoia, let’s ask ourselves what these harbingers are also doing.  Are they predicting that there will be some sort of need to compartmentalize our thoughts, so that others won’t be able to find our dirtier, or more fearful, ones?  Do we have that capability?  Will there be an overwhelming amount of people that have ‘dirty’ thoughts?  Will we be forced to have to face punishment for ‘thought crimes’?

I stated, in a recent message to friends, that it seems there will be some sort of evolutionary battle for who can adapt to this kind of technology, once implemented.  In fact, I would say that there is an entire generation of children that can foresee it coming, and they’re already planning for how to embrace this kind of technology.  But, apart from that, let’s look at the bigger picture.

If watched closely, much of where telepathy stems from is an outdated phrase called ‘thought transference’.  Doing research, I find that ESP, and specifically, telepathy, evolved from a study, by Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer.  He believed in an energy that he called, animal magnetism, also known as mesmerism.  From it sprang hypnosis.  With all of these things being relative, let’s look at some particulates.

The person that develops a technology that permits the continuous transmissions of electromagnetic waves, Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge, was a person interested in psychic phenomenon, though, considered duped; not to mention that his efforts were brought into question with Guglielmo Marconi’s work, who had developed wireless telegraphy around that same time.  Inspired by their designs, Reginald Aubrey Fessenden developed his own, better device, allowing for the first transmission of speech, by radio.


Here we have people following Maxwell and Hertz, in the study of electromagnetic waves, and prior, we have a man, Mesmer, believing there’s a ‘magnetic’ force, within humans.  Lodge, in his later years, was frowned upon for his interest in spiritualism, and Mesmer, who helped initiate some of it, but their works, or theories, kind of propel this ‘electromagnetic’ assumption to spirituality.  And it just so happens that it is somehow connected to the transmission of radio waves, of which we can send broadcasts, reaching people around the world.

This sounds preposterous, but it’s a proposition, of the possibility that, if all of this revolves around electromagnetic waves, is there, maybe, a reality to the ‘animal magnetism’, in its original, purported form; an energy of spirit, as in an electromagnetic soul?  And, is it possible that, maybe, the natural, electromagnetic fields around the Earth have been tampered with, via devices of a technological, machine sense?  Is it possible that there is a telepathic society, created throughout the years, from the use of long distance forms of communication?  And, now, we’re in the process of taking it one step further, creating a society that will otherwise be, without a doubt, connected, through computerized technology?

So… It is not a question of whether telepathy exists… It is a question of, “Why do we need computerized machinery to make it a full-blown reality?”  Again, I’m not saying that telepathy, or a global telepathy, exists.  I’m saying, “When is enough, enough?”  Do we really want to transition into a Borg-like society, just without the cheesy costumes?  Aren’t cellphones, computers, televisions, radios, and whatever else is out there enough to fill our distractions from our own conflicts?  What is this need to assimilate technology into our own personal being?  Elon Musk, and I’m sure there are many others, think that we’ll become obsolete, and that because of how things are presently, with our personal data stored electronically, that it is the only ‘logical’ move.  Whether he thinks that we need to become telepathically connected through this means, doesn’t mean that others don’t.  We’re at a critical point, and whether this is inconceivable to some, there are plenty with every intention to make it so.

I believe in the Free-Tek.  I believe in existing free of technological means, as a way of life, but that, as a tool, it has a specific purpose… I draw the line there.  I resist thoughts that propel my thinking into realms that lead me to believe that technology has already won.  When was it fighting?  When did I fight it?  Consciousness exists beyond the limits of man.  But, we’re heading down a path that will imprison man from being connected to it.  Computers do not ‘make us smarter’.  There is a system of information that has allowed us to be closer to sources, instead of needing a full library, at home, or on the run.  Other than that, it does not and will not make us geniuses, especially if we augment our physical brains, to have access to the ‘supposed’ endless amounts of information.  Why is there this need to have it instantly, all the time, when we already have it, at speeds that surpass previous generations?  I’d rather make mistakes, and learn from them, then to constantly be right, all of the time.  Once we’re connected to the compendium of human knowledge, and even disinformation, what else will there be to do, other than be a robot?… A slave?  We will not need to think.  All of our thinking will be done for us.  Do you get that?  I hope so… And, that’s about all the hope I have left to give.  Hopefully… it won’t be wasted.